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Handyman is an innovative solution that will save more than 50% cost of job management!!

Handyman is an exceptional tool for job management, which will significantly reduce time and costs, making job management much simpler and quicker. Additionally, it is notable that it can cut more than 50% of job management expenses.

01. Benefits

Saves a Lot of Time and Money

Handyman is designed to provide an optimal solution; this tool will create a job management environment and prepare the framework in minutes. This allows any entry-level technician to manage tasks.

02. About Handyman

Next-Generation HandyMan Software

As many clients face, the initial setup of job management software, like configuring job workflows, setting up user permissions, and customizing forms and templates, takes months. Handyman will complete in minutes and save more than 90% on setup costs.

We are coming up with a system which will do all heavy-lifting for you, including creating workflows, managing orders, managing customer details, and more on the new environment.

Handyman will also provide easy management for new job tasks where your productivity will be more than 300-400%. This means your team will be able to manage jobs faster and easier. Now you don't need highly specialized personnel; instead, entry-level employees will be able to handle tasks efficiently.

This software will be available soon on a trial and subscription basis.