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Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

Softomate Solutions(SS) helps businesses secure their website/applications worldwide using Cyber Security consultancy. We help prepare a Security Testing strategy and help design and implement an overall security testing plan to minimize cyber threats.

01. Key Benifits

Key Benefits:


Risk Reduction


Cost Reduction


Protect data


Compliance with Security Rules


Increased reputation

02. Offering

What we offer in VAPT

Risk Management

We help identify the cyber security risk to your overall organization; based on the identified risk, we help make an Overall effective plan. We also help implement cyber Security certification. We will help implement a cost-efficient system that will save time and money.

Cyber Security Strategy

We know that cybercrime is the biggest threat to businesses after the pandemic. We will guide and help in designing an overall Cyber Security Strategy to prevent potential compromise. We will provide the best practices specific to your industry.

Endpoint VAPT

Future proof your endpoints with a complete vulnerability analysis that identifies security gaps. We evaluate security risks in the endpoints, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers & workstations, to prioritize vulnerabilities and support your future security strategies.


The rapid adoption of Internet of Things technology opens the opportunity for cyber threats to exploit the connected systems. IoT devices are not limited to devices. It comprises IoT field gateways, databases, applications, servers etc. With deep domain expertise, we assess vulnerabilities across the IoT ecosystem.

Vulnerability Detection

Our specialists conduct systematic Vulnerability Scanning of your network, servers, and systems to find the vulnerable factors that allow attackers' device exploitation.

Remote Working Assessment

Discover your system's vulnerabilities through Vulnerability Assessment that permits cyberattacks while accessing your network to remote devices and provides solutions to reduce risks.

Security Roadmap

Our goal is to aid you in setting a cybersecurity stance for your business necessities and enhance the credibility of your network's protection.

Regulatory & Compliance

While we secure your network, we also guarantee the security compliance of data protection regulations and parameters to boost business pursuit.

03. Process

Process methodology we follow

We follow standard endpoint testing cycle with some interesting tweaks to complete this on pace.

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04. Why Choose us

Because we ...

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