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Project X is a revolutionary tool which will save more than 50% cost of Automation Testing!!

Project X is an outstanding tool for Automation Testing, which will save a lot of time and cost and make automation testing quite easier and faster. Additionally, the remarkable fact is that it will save more than 50% of the cost of Automation Testing.

01. benefits

Fast Save tons of Time and Money

Project X is designed to provide an optimal solution; this tool will create a test environment and prepare the framework in minutes. This needs any entry-level SDET to make scripts.

02. About Project X

Next-Generation Automation Testing Tool

As many clients face, the initial setup of automation testing, like creating a test environment, installing different tools, and design and framework development takes months. Project X will complete in minutes and save more than 90% on setup costs.

We are coming up with a system which will do all heavy-lifting for you, including creating the framework, making libraries, creating a test environment, install basic dependencies on the new environment.

Project X will also provide easy automation for new pages where your productivity will be more than 300-400%. This means your team will be able to create code faster and easier. Now you don't need a highly paid automation engineer; instead, an entry-level person will be able to do needful.

This tool will be available soon on a trial and subscription basis.