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Softomate Solutions is the upcoming leader in Software Development, Mobile App Development and Software Testing Space. We specialize in custom Software/APP Development Security Testing, Performance Testing and Automation Testing.

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01. about us

Softomate provides highly optimized Automation and Security testing solutions.


Softomate Solutions is one of the best AI-driven testing companies in the UK.

We help our clients in the space of Cyber Security, VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing), EndPoint Protection, Performance Test Engineering and Automation Test Engineering.

We are a technical full-stack company, and we provide highly efficient and optimized solutions and faster delivery without compromising on quality. We are one of the best tech companies in the UK.

02. Our Services

Best in class Cyber Security, Performance & Automation Testing Services

We are committed to pinpointing the root cause and fixing the same. We believe in cost-optimized agile deliveries. We deliver more and talk less.

03. our products

Save up to 50% cost of Automation Testing.

Project X

Project X is an outstanding tool for Automation Testing, which will save a lot of time and cost and make automation testing easier and faster. Additionally, the remarkable fact is that it will save more than 50% of the cost of Automation Testing.

As many clients face, the initial setup of automation testing, like creating a test environment, installing different tools, and design and framework development, takes months. Project X will complete in minutes and save more than 90% on setup costs.

This tool will be available soon on a trial and subscription basis.

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04. WHY Softomate

Choose Softomate, because of...

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Domain Expertise

We have solved many challenging issues in the past, which gave us the confidence to fix any issues in Cyber Security, Automation, and Performance Testing.


Futuristic Solutions

We believe in fixing the root cause to fix the issue at one time. We work on a result-oriented approach.


Niche Technology

We work on cutting-edge technology and are market leaders in testing, AI and Cyber Security.


Result-oriented Approach

Our motive is to provide long-term solutions to problems.


Cost Saving

We save a lot of cost and time while implementing our services. For example, our Automation Engineering team can save 50%+ costs on your existing implementation.


Responsive support

We are just a mail away from you; we assist you with guidance throughout the different phases of technical and digital development

05. our Process

Because process matters the most!!

We follow the optimized and agile process to uncover and fix the hidden issues. This process methodology is not something new, but we follow this religiously for faster delivery and accurate results.



Everything will start from understanding the main requirement/problem/pain area. We spend a reasonable amount of time understanding the client's requirements and expected outcomes.

Broad level plan


We will make an end to end strategy, estimate effort, and identify and make milestones for every big and minor deliverable.

Setting foundation


We further drill down the requirement, and based on the same, we identify the tools, make a detailed plan, plan and create frameworks, setting-up tools, and make reusable libraries. Then we start with some related respective POCs.

Make and Test

TrustFinger SDK

Now we start making the scripts, executing scripts, finding bottlenecks, and fixing the issues with different stakeholders. We also fire the regression cycle to verify if the problem is fixed.

Go to market

TrustFinger SDK

After successful testing and fixing all bugs, we test the application on a production equivalent environment and allow the client to perform UAT. Once this is done, the tool is ready to launch in the Production. study

Some of our success stories

We have worked on many projects, and we have fixed many big and small issues in every type of testing. We have encountered many critical security issues in VAPT testing, and we identified many performance bottlenecks in almost every area, including DB, API, UI, queue, network, firewall and Servers level.

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07. Blog and News

Explore Softomate's latest blogs, news and insights.

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08. Let us Talk

We have a perfect and customized solution for your problem.