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Endpoint Protection Services

Endpoint Protection Services

You might have the best-secured servers, databases, network and overall infrastructure, but still you are at risk. Because the endpoints (Mobile, POS systems, guest machines, emails, and other gadgets) that potentially connect to the system are vulnerable. At Softomate Solutions(SS), we help businesses worldwide secure all their endpoints to make your overall infrastructure safe from potential threats.

01. Key Benifits

Key Benefits:


Safeguard Endpoints


Safe overall infrastructure


Increased reputation


Protect data


Compliance with Security Rules

02. Offering

What we offer in Endpoint Protection Services

Prevention using Next-generation Antivirus(NGAV)

Regular antivirus cannot detect all potential threats, and they work on the traditional method; they are just verifying data available in their virus definition file. Virus-makers/hackers use new ideas and ways to crack the system. NGAV uses AI & ML enabled systems to detect the potential issues in the application and networks like the signature, file hashes, bad URLs, IP addresses and other areas.

Detection: EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Here we are trying to find the uncover hidden threat in the endpoint. So we continuously check the endpoint for potential security hazards and fix the abnormality. Here we follow the best EDR best practices and work towards data investigation, hunting threats, alert triage, validating suspicious activity, and quarantining malicious code.

Threat hunting Management

Proper management can make anything process perfect. We are mutually establishing the threat hunting life-cycle to make the system threat-free. Our expert team is going to follow the same and clean the endpoints.

Integrated Intelligent Threat system

To stay ahead of attackers, businesses need to understand threats as they evolve. Sophisticated adversaries and advanced persistent threats (APTs) can move quickly and stealthily, and security teams need up-to-date and accurate intelligence to ensure defences are automatically and precisely tuned.

Security Roadmap

Our goal is to aid you in setting a cybersecurity stance for your business necessities and enhance the credibility of your network's protection.

Regulatory & Compliance

While we secure your network, we also guarantee the security compliance of data protection regulations and parameters to boost business pursuit.

03. Process

Process methodology we follow

We follow standard endpoint testing cycle with some interesting tweaks to complete this on pace.

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04. Why Choose us

Because we ...

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